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1938Media Doesn’t Own Internet Shtick

Loren Feldman says he’s a genius and I’m a dope. Yep, he’s talking about me, Shawn, Sam and Lisa for our little puppet spoof/online war thing we made up around my Twittermethis project. Here’s the latest Geekcast where we come come clean about the whole thing.

So if you haven’t been following the drama, here’s a good rundown from Kevin at System0. Anyway, as you’ll hear in the video below, I think Feldman is a funny and talented dude and he’s also very smart. I do think he’s got some issues though. My biggest point is that he doesn’t own shtick on the Internets. Anyone can do what he did, even badly like we did, and make it work. Yeah, he does it better, but so what? It can be done, by anyone.

The funniest part about all of this is now he’s super pissed at us/me for doing what we did and he’s unfollowed and blocked me on Twitter and is now insulting me publicly. It doesn’t matter, he did the same to everyone else he’s now good buddies with, so I imagine you’ll be seeing us on video together hamming it up in 6 months someplace. I’m open to that. I think the guy is funny as hell. If not, I’ll live. I’m sure he will too.

FYI, 1939Media on Twitter isn’t me or anyone else I know. If we were going to do that we’d tell you we did it.

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