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April 3, 2008 Is Good People Day

Yesterday I talked about negativity. Today, Gary Vaynerchuk takes it 100 times further (or is it farther?) and creates a whole day out of “good people” (April 3, 2008).

Gary gets a LOT of play in my world (tweets/blog posts/articles) because he’s got the best message out there right now, consistently, and YOU need to see it and live it. And, well, the guy is a friend who inspires me.

I want to try to get the WHOLE INTERNET COmmunity behind this mission I have to make sure that tomorrow people write and talk abd blog and twitter and just flat out SING about people that are AWESOME and GOOD. It is time that we take control of the fact that WE are the media and pump out a day tomorrow that will make NOISE across this WORLD! Please take the time tonight to gather your thoughts as you come up with ideas on how to spread the word about AWESOME people! I am looking for blog posts, twitters, powncers, facebooking, digging, flickring, stumpling on all things that are good about PEOPLE!

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