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Fun, Do You Have It At Work & In Life?

Hate your job? Dread going to work every day? If so, you’re not having fun.

Do you have fun in life and in your work? I do, every… single… day. I make “fun” a priority. Look at the projects I work on (,,, to name a few). Most of them are built around fun first. It’s by design, believe me. Life is too short to work on stuff that isn’t fun.

YOU CAN DO IT! YOU CAN HAVE FUN AND EARN A LIVING IF DONE RIGHT! Right now, get a piece of paper and write down what would be fun to do every day. Then the plan is to figure out how to do it.

It can be done. I’m doing it. I start every project with fun as the first factor. You should try it. Watch the video below for some inspiration. Want to share you video about your fun project? Send it over to me, or leave a comment below.

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