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Marketleverage Ad Network Does Marketing Right

If you read my blog you’ll know I think most ad networks marketing and sales teams suck! They do. Except this new ad network called Note: I’m talking about their marketing prowess only; I have no idea if they are a worthy network to promote yet. (Note, if you’re going to sign up and find out, ask for Kyle McCall as your aff manager).

It’s funny how this little upstart company is EATING THE LUNCH of the big ad networks. I mean, they are seriously drinking their milkshakes. The marketing director at Marketleverage should be snapped up by one of these big giant ad companies right now and given free reign. I applaud this person, Dina Riccobono, for their innovation in the form of video, and beyond. Great work.

Here’s a little video I did talking about them and some video footage from them as well.

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