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Niche is Pronounced as “Nitch” or “Neesh”?

So, how do YOU pronounce the word “niche”? As “nitch”, or “neesh”? See my pronunciation in the video below.

Let’s end this debate. It’s time to vote. Go here and cast your vote. If you want, make a video of yourself saying it and send me the link and I’ll post it here.

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Steve J - April 25, 2008

Hmm….I always pronounced it “nishay”….

raznick - April 25, 2008

in michigan, it is niche.

nick - April 25, 2008


Well, English first originated from England didn't it? Whether its British or American English, so I go with the rest of us in the UK and pronounce it 'neesh'.

mike power - April 25, 2008

It's 'neesh'. As in 'capiche'. Not 'capitch'. And there is no accent so it is not 'neeshay'.

soreco - April 25, 2008


Matt - April 25, 2008

I vote nitch.

Pro Blogger - April 25, 2008

Nitch'e is correct the way I learned my English back in Germany ;)

web security - April 25, 2008

The pronunciation is “Neesh”. As you know, Niche is a French word. In French, the pronunciation is like “Neesh”.

knupnet - April 25, 2008

NITCH – for sure…

marlys - April 25, 2008

It's neesh, if we want to pronounce it the French way, and after all, it is a French word.

Mat N - April 26, 2008

Sure, the French pronounce it "neesh," but who really wants to follow the French?

    John - August 11, 2012

    By saying "Nitch" you are following the French.

Cumbrowski - April 27, 2008

“Nitch” is the proper U.S. English pronunciation (duno about the Brit's or Ausies hehe), NeechE (short “e” like in thE or hElp ) is the German pronunciation. Gee, there has to come a foreigner along to explain the Americans their own language. It's like my Hungarian girlfriend who was correcting my German ;).

Cumbrowski - April 27, 2008

You are German too? You are kidding, right?

katie - April 29, 2008

I say NITCH, but then I also say KELTIK….and I have French, English and Irish heritage – go figure. But then, the US *is* the melting pot, is it not??? Or at least it used to be before everyone became so *&^%*)!! PC about everything. SEESH! or is it SITCH????

Web Design Blog - April 29, 2008

I pronounce it “Neeshe” and I'm in the UK if that makes a difference :)

Serena - May 6, 2008

definitely NEESH. No doubt in my mind.

ravinder - May 13, 2008


Thank you

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Jade - June 3, 2008

I was completely convinced it was neesh to the point where I made fun of Paula Abdul on American Idol when she would repeatedly tell contestants “you found your nitch”. Then I heard another (more influential) American pronounce it “nitch” and I began to wonder if maybe I had been to hard on poor Paula.

I'm from the UK originally and now live in Canada. It seems to me that both pronounciations are acceptable, with nitch more commonly used in the US and neesh more common in UK and Canada. However, since it is a French word, I don't see the need to change the way it is said unless we have a difficulty as non-French speakers in saying it the same way (which we don't).

In sum, I vote neesh!

Miltski - July 14, 2008

niche, niche, niche.
Where did the “T” come from ?

wbliss - August 6, 2008

I live in the USA. I have never ever heard it pronounced neesh. I never knew this was even an issue. In fact I would not know what you were talking had I heard neesh. Here in the USA we say nitch. I think maybe you are speaking a different language. After all this is how different languages get started. Same or similar spelling but pronounced totally different way. I vote nitch.

Guest - November 6, 2009

I live in the US, and the ONLY pronounciation I've heard is neesh. Maybe it differs by region? im in the NW..

anon - November 25, 2009

Aluminium – Al-you-meen-ee-uhm
Nuclear – Nee-oo-clear
Solder – Sol-der
Niche – Neesh

English, learn to speak it.

eyej - April 27, 2011

Niche is a French word. It is pronounced Neesh.

If you are calling it a Nitch, you are simply wrong there is no arguing that.

And stop calling Caramel Carmel while we're at it.

JerzeyBoy - February 24, 2012

In Jerzey, eh? It's pronounced as "a-nitch" like you'z get from perzon ivy

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