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Social Media Marketing Is Bullsh*t?

Is it possible to do marketing in social media through tools like Twitter? Some would argue that it’s impossible, while others would argue that it’s very possible. I wrote the other day about my experiment in creating Since then, the story has been picked up in multiple locations. One of them called it a bad idea (Blogcritics), and the other called it brilliant (ReadWriteWeb).

It’s up to you to decide if you think it’s “spammy” or legit. I built it as a marketer trying to experiment in unknown territory. That’s what marketers like me do, we experiment and test and evaluate.

What do we know so far? Social media marketing is all about community building, and one of the easiest marketing goals (measurements) to achieve from the exercise is brand building. The video below talks about my experiences, past and present, in brand building and social media marketing.

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