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Twitter Marketing Experiment –

I’m trying out a little experiment in “social media” land. This time I’m using Twitter. I’ve created a game called Twittermethis. Get it? “Riddle me this?” From Batman… You got it.

Twitter me this

Twittermethis is easy to play. You just follow @twittermethis on Twitter, wait for a question to be asked, and then be the first to answer it. Then you win! Usually the prize is $5.

So Jim, why do this? Because it’s fun, and well, it’s a good experiment in marketing on a new medium such as Twitter. This is not intended to be a business that profits. This is intended to see how many followers it can get with no marketing budget. So far, as of right now, it has 247 followers in about a week. Not bad. Watch the video below for more thoughts, and don’t forget to follow to win!

Think you can write good trivia questions? You can win $5! Check here.

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