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YouTube Rejected Me As A Partner

I’ve been rejected as a YouTube partner. I was told that I didn’t have enough views. They’re right, I don’t, because of a few reasons. 1. I don’t use the YouTube player on my site because the quality of it is, well, bleh. And 2. YouTube doesn’t promote my type of content so how can I get views besides my own traffic?

Bottom line: I don’t think they want my videos. Why? I think because they’re not yet ready with how to handle business content. See, once they begin to embrace it, every business out there is going to jump on board and literally flood them with millions of videos (and the scammers too). It’s going to happen… eventually. I think they’re trying to hold that off. Why don’t they simply release a segregated “business” section, I’m not sure? Maybe they will.

Note: the ONLY reason I wanted to be a partner was to get the cool customizable graphics. I realize that I wasn’t going to make any money from them. Even people with millions and millions of page views aren’t making any decent money.

Hey, YouTube… what’s wrong with my content? Who’s gonna step up and make a YouTube for people like me?

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