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New Podcast Series: Let Jim Kukral Yell At You!

Today’s Daily Flip is in audio form below. Summary: I’ve found that I do some of my best motivational work when I yell at the audience. Ok, I don’t scream at them, but I aggressively tell them about the opportunities they are missing when it comes to things like video and other online marketing things in general.

And… I like yelling at them… and they like it too.

So I’m going to do a series of audio podcasts where I yell at you. You’re going to get on Skype with me and you’re going to tell me about your business, and then I’m going to yell at you for a few minutes about how you’re missing huge opportunities and what you should be doing instead… And you’re going to like it!

So if you want to be yelled at, just drop me a note. How can you resist this offer? You cannot. Contact me. You’ll need an account at Skype and a headset.


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