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Let me tell you a story. A story about my wife who’s a wonderful person. She cares a lot about her family and the future, so she’s trying to be as environmentally conscious as possible. I said to her a few months ago… “Doreen, you have a new story for me every day about how you’re trying to be so “green”, you should start a blog about it.”

And she did. It’s called It’s her telling stories about her “journey to being more green”. It’s not preaching about “saving the environment”. It’s an honest take on one woman’s journey to learning how to be more green. I think you’ll enjoy it.

Special note/commentary. It was fun to relive that first moment of pushing the publish button on your first ever blog through my wife’s eyes the night she launched it. I started blogging in 2001, so I had forgotten that amazing feeling of instant publishing. The power of it. The satisfaction of it.

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