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Podcast: How To Build A Successful Niche Website & Market It?

This is a good one today. Listen to the interview below where I talk with Kelly from TheHolisticOption.com. A niche site that operates on a publisher/subscription business model. Kelly provides great insight about how she started the site only 8 weeks ago is already selling ads.

But that’s not all, we talk about all kinds of things that you MUST listen to if you’re a person wanting to build a successful niche website.


Show notes:

    Site is 8weeks old publisher/subscription model, free to consumers.

    Got initial traffic by sending a direct mailer to 17k people, postcard, offered to test 3 month banner ad on site.

    Got ads by bartering with “competitors” or complimentary sites.

    Doesn’t run google ads because of competition, or bad sites that would show on her pages.

    Promotion – social networking on linkedin, myspace, youtube video/channel, facebook, blog.

    Does a podcast – interview experts in fields of holistic medicine, featured on itunes.

    Talks about how podcasts are easy, using skype and a headset.

    Thinking about doing a documentary – create one to promote site.

    We talk about how to choose a pr firm. What does PR firm do for them? They secure offline press and trade pubs.

    She’s going to be on Donny Deutsch!