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Ukulele Lessons Part II – I Get Better

In part one of my self-imposed goal to learn how to play the ukulele, I showed you how clueless I was, and how out of tune I was. In today’s video, I show you how I figured out how to tune it, and how I learned a few chords.

This is a fun little instrument and I cannot wait to get better and begin writing some songs that I can perform on camera. Give me some time though. Have you ever tried to learn how to play an instrument from scratch? It’s hard. Any tips… send them over!

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toddfarmer - June 2, 2008

Nice progress, Mr. Kukral.

Howlin' Hobbit - June 4, 2008

Several things. First, get rid of the “pick.” Strumming with your fingers (and thumb) will open up all sorts of exciting rhythms down the road.

Second, your strings will settle in, even on your cheapie uke, and not require tuning between each song.

Third, I'll compare paws with you any day. I not only play the soprano ukulele (like you own) but also have a sopranino. Yes, it's smaller.

Fourth, I have free chord exercises available for download on my site as a pdf file. Enjoy!

Lastly, check out (and its forum) for lots of useful info and helpful, friendly folks.

DanceWear - June 4, 2008

creative pick : ]

looks like a fun hobby!

Graham Langdon - June 4, 2008

sounding good, thats a melodic little tune you have going on there, I think you should write a song to those two chords, and maybe throw in a third and a fourth for a bridge. I love the ukelele.

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