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Why Does YouTube Hate Business Content?

I do a weekly podcast called “Video Ninjas” over at Geekcast.fm with my friend Steve Rosenbaum who owns Magnify.net. I think you might like the show so I’ve included our latest podcast below. The show is all about the business of online video. Trends, business models, stats, etc…

video ninjas

In this week’s show Steve gets me all fired up about how there is no real “place” for business or marketing videos on YouTube. It’s true. YouTube doesn’t want our content (business/marketing) it seems. They want music videos and skateboarding videos. Fine.

But why not have a business section that’s walled off from that content? Steve really got me going in this episode. I think you’ll enjoy this show and future shows. Subscribe over at Geekcast.fm.

Oh yeah, I forget to mention how Steve coins the term “promiscuous posting”, which means posting your videos to multiple sites using Tubemogul. Give Steve credit for that if you ever see it used. Love it.


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