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Bring The “Fun” Back To Marketing

You know I love fun, don’t you? You should also know I love having fun marketing. In fact, that’s what I’m all about. So it was pretty cool to have a couple named Kim and Jason on the Daily Flip to talk about their “fun” marketing efforts.

The conversation (play podcast below) I had with Kim and Jason is about how they market “fun” as a product. But more specifically though, I asked them a lot about how they market their own business. Here are the show notes. This is a great interview that I think you will enjoy.

Newsletters work.
How to do marketing without a ton of money?
Cross-promotions work.
How to contact people to interview?
Is starting a podcast easy?
Kids are never afraid to fail. So start small and just do it without worrying about failing.
People have different ways of learning. Some listen to podcasts, some read blogs.
Club K&J is a subscription program. $4.95/month. Exclusive content. Going for volume. Using amember subscriptions and paypal for payment processing.
What’s the funnest thing you’ve done lately?
Can you eliminate not having fun completely from work?
Is it easy to sell fun? People are dying for permission to have fun. They’re afraid to have fun.


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