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Professional Speaking Tips To Help You Make $30k In An Hour!

drricOne of the things I love to do is speak to a room full of people. I really enjoy it. Assuming I’m speaking about something I actually know about. :) So I talked with Dr. Ric Morgan, professional speaker who has over 35 years of experience speaking about how to be a professional speaker for a living.

Hey, this guy got paid $30k for an hour once. $30k!!!!!! He talks about that in the podcast below.

He gives us stories about how he got started speaking, and how you can too. He also offers very helpful and smart tips that you can use in your speaking presentations to make them better. This was a great interview and I really learned a lot from Dr. Ric. You will too. Enjoy.

Here are the show notes.

I wear yellow and black as “my” corporate colors
How do I get my first gig speaking today? Placed an ad in the paper. Who am I and why I can speak. Call me.
Join the national speakers association, don’t need an agent.
Get involved with Toastmasters.
Do you have to be dynamic to be a good speaker?
Never start with a joke, put it in the middle. Start with a line to get attention. Startling!
You’re the actor, writer, producer, director. Be prepared.
Over time you begin to gather material.
Take core messages and adjust it to a theme. Example: “Diving Into the Future”
How much can I expect to get paid?
Got paid 30k once for an hour.
Talk about 3 things. More than 3 things overwhelms the audience.
Speaking is a business. Run it like one.
Incorporate the expenses into the speaking fee before giving rate.
Get paid before you even leave for the event. No checks. Paypal payments are great.
Emergency speaking services. I’ll come last-minute to speak for you.
Never speak anywhere for free without a contract! It opens up legal issues.
What if it rains? Do I still get paid? Contract!
Can do smaller group meetings, many in one day.


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