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Social Media Strategies For Businesses

epsteinI can’t believe I found another old Internet geek like me! Yep, today’s conversation/podcast is with Jeremy Epstein, a hard core internet geek and now word-of-mouth marketing and social media strategist. Wow, I’ve been having a lot of people like this on the show lately haven’t I?

Jeremy and I do some venting about clueless customers and how to approach them and educate them about social media. We also talk a lot about customer evangelism and at the end Jeremy gives his picks for the top social media tools every small business should be working with right now.

Here are the show notes.

Chatting about customer evangelism. How do you convince a business to embrace evangelists?
Direct marketing traditional model of measuring ROI is a problem for most marketers.
How do you convince giant brands that social media is worth spending on?
How do you educate them? The key is starting small.
You cannot control the message anymore, but you can influence it.
Small business owner walks into your office and says social medis is b.s. How do you answer that?
What are the top social media tools I can get started with right now?
How are you measuring social media for your clients?


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