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Sponsor My Ukulele Shows With A Bribe

Here’s the deal. I’m looking for someone to send me this Ukulele. Yep, it’s only $200 bucks or so. Purchase it and send me this ukulele and here’s what you get in return.

1. My playing the ukulele in at least one video per week for the rest of 2008 broadcast on this blog.

2. Your logo on those video recordings as the sponsor of these shows (anytime I play it).

3. Bad playing and bad singing of some of your most favorite and beloved songs of all time. :)

Here’s the video explaining it in more detail.

Live Streaming by Ustream.TV

If you’re going to do it, email me first so I can give you my address.

For your enjoyment, here’s me playing Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots by the Flaming Lips.

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