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The Power of Free! A Case Study

So do you believe in the power of “FREE”? You should. Free works. All the cliches are true. If you give, you get. Don’t believe it? Here’s a video for you to watch. Tell me free doesn’t pay.

Since launching my free resource site at

I’ve been asked to write a book from a major publisher (paid)

Invited to speak at a mastermind event (paid)

Been interviewed to be featured in a major marketing publication that sends out to 400k+ of my peers (was released today, Marketing Sherpa)

Closed several consulting gigs where I help people figure out how to do online videos for ROI

Helped thousands of people figure out how to begin to make web videos

And some other stuff too

ALL because of me being an expert in a niche and giving away this toolkit free. Watch this video.

That was in the last 7 weeks since launch, and more good things are happening every day. You tell me free doesn’t pay.

What can you give away free? Think about it. Free works. Try it.

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