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Want To Be Better At Interviews?

Interviews are a very important part of your plan to promote yourself. As an expert in your field, you’re going to want to be interviewed as much as possible because it gets your name/brand exposed out to new markets and new customers.

Gayl Murphy has done over 14,000 interviews in her career in Hollywood. She’s talked to A-list celebrities like Russel Crowe, Wil Smith, Angelina Jolie, and thousands more. So Gayl knows how to conduct a good interview. Gayl also knows how to assist YOU if you’re being interviewed.

I got Gayl on the phone for a bit to talk about her experiences interviewing people, and also to find out how you, the small business owner looking for publicity, or blogger, or whomever you are, can be a better interviewee. Also check out Gayl’s InterviewTactics.com site.


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