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How To Write & Market A Successful Book?

So you want to write a book finally eh? You should do it. Why? Because it’s going to boost your profile and make you more famous than you are now, and then you can leverage that fame into bigger and better opportunities for yourself. Convinced? Not yet?

Maybe you’re too scared to fail? Maybe you just don’t think you can do it? If you are an entrepreneur who wants to add publishing to your business model… Listen to this podcast of Susan Daffron from

Susan and I talk about how to get off your butt and write that book you have in you, as well as tips about how to promote your book once it’s done.

Show notes:

How to leave your cubicle job and start your own business?
If you’re on the fence, what makes you finally quit your job?
What do you need to do today to start writing the book you want to write?
Niche books can be written more quickly, and can do very well.
It’s unlikely to make a full-time living off of a single book (sales).
If you’re an incredible marketer, you can do very well.
Tips for promoting your book after it’s written.


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