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No, Email Isn’t Dead… Yet

Not yet anyway. This video talks about why people like Jason Calacanis and Shoemoney are now all of a sudden trying to build emails lists. Is it because they didn’t before, or because they’re just trying to be different? I don’t know.

It all just seems a little silly to me. Again, I’m not saying email is dead, yet. I do think my kinds won’t have email. My niece in college doesn’t “email”, only Facebook. What’s your take?

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leadinghands - August 12, 2008

There are multiple ways to get a hold of someone in the digital age, each contact method equals a different urgency level. The issue rising to the top is that each person (generation) sees each method of contact at a different urgency level. For example, my mom doesn't use email, if you want to get a hold of her you have to call her home line or knock on her door. My tech friend has his iPhone at this hip and checks his email constantly, so if you want to get his attention, you must email him.

Social Networking websites add a new channel to the mode of communication because they are a hybrid of IM, email, tweeting and text messaging. Each person’s frequency of use varies dramatically and the general population use sites like Facebook as a secondary source of communication. In the future, this trend will increase and social networking websites will be the new dashboard of communication. The question is, what social networking website will prevail?

General communication response rates:
01. Face-to-face = immediate (unless no one is there)
02. Call = immediate (unless you get plunked into voicemail)
03. IM = immediate (unless you are on their blocked list)
04. Text message = later (withing 1 hour)
05. Email = later (within 48 hours)
06. Social Networking boards = later (within 48 hours)
07. Tweet = immediate
08. Smoke Signal = immediate (Until you run out of firewood)
09. Flares = immediate (Until you flares goes out)
10. Yodel = later (within 60 seconds)
11. Sign language = immediate

franpro - August 12, 2008

Hi Jim,
Hope you are having fun at A.S. Email is changing, for sure. I am finding myself going to Twitter for daily SHORT conversations, but for more important stuff, I use email.
We shall see.
Joel Libava

CT Moore - August 12, 2008

I think that there are two things going on with how email marketing is evolving.

(1) A generational effect: younger demographics see it all as spam (in my opinion).

(2) The idea of permission based email marketing is changing. It's now more about community — e.g. marketing a product to me that I'm already a consumer/user of. That is, I think that users aren't interested in being pitched through their inbox. Rather, they want content that's relevant to them, and if that content is what's in the email, then your open and click through rates will probably be a lot higher.

George Nemeth - August 12, 2008

By illustration, I came to this post because someone I follow on Twitter posted it. If the same person blasted it out via email, I probably would have deleted it without reading more than the headline.

Brandon - August 13, 2008

well face book is working on adding email to their system because they see email being important for there users. However I think facebook is for friends. I think email will be important for business communication. The last thing I want is spam mail sent to my facebook account. There's also text messaging. You're more likely to get an instant response than through email since we carry our phones around. Email won't die anytime soon. You still need an email address to sign up to most sites. ;)

Codrut Turcanu - August 16, 2008

Email is one of the best means of communication online.

I'm a big believer in email marketing by creative thinking and implementing few strategies all the time and it really shows worthwhile results.

Kim - August 19, 2008

Coming from a CPA network perspective, where I see campaigns marketed across all channels, email is the most effective way to market in terms of volume, quality of leads/sales and conversion rates than any other channel IF its on a CPA basis, this may not apply to CPM/CPC.

SEO Consultant - August 21, 2008

Very interesting, but keep in mind that the younger generation is different than businesses and especially in the b2b aspect emails are a powerful growing tool, and problem with facebook/myspace type of medias is that you can only send to people that have the same media, i will start to fear for the emails when you will be able to send a message from a myspace user to a facebook user.

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