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Your Grammar & Spelling Is Going To Ruin Your Career

Look at Shoemoney. It’s pretty horrendous how terrible he is with grammar and spelling in his posts. Ok, I get it. He doesn’t try to spellcheck by his own admission for whatever reason, but it looks really bad… the poor grammar too. Makes him look like a severe amateur.

This isn’t a pick on Shoe (although he’s a poster-child for this post and should be called out for it), but rather a video post about how you are going to ruin your future career by having poor grammar and spelling. Your blog is your resume. Your digital footprint (comments, threaded discussions, photos, etc…) is your legacy. Right now, today, every smart recruiter on the planet goes out and looks at everything you’ve done or said online.

You really think that a professional organization is going to hire you if you can’t spell? You really think that you’re ever going to be taken seriously if you write like YouTube commenter in d00d-speak? You really think you’ll ever get a consulting gig or be asked to speak anywhere by anyone over the age of 30?

You won’t. Clean it up. Wise up. Lecture over.

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