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Do You Have Happy Customers?

Do you forget about the customers you already have? Some businesses do, and that will come back to hurt you down the road. Becky Carroll from says to take care of your customers, or lose them.

In this informative podcast, Becky and I talk about the top tips for retaining customers, as well as keeping them happy. Remember, if your current customers leave because you’re spending too much time thinking about new business… you’re in bad shape.

Becky lists the “4 Key Questions to Improve Your Focus”.

1. How many customers did we keep from last year?
2. Why did we lose customers?
3. Why do our best customers keep doing business with us?
4. How many of our retained customers can help us sell more?

Show Notes:

Identify your vip customers? Keep two-way conversation going.
Your existing customers want to be loyal to you. They want to be recognized and thanked for their business.
When a business creates a proactive customer strategy to retain and grow their current customers, everyone wins.
Customers feel appreciated and, in turn, buy more and refer you to others. The company grows their business with fewer resources. Sounds like a great way to beat the current economic woes!
Retention rate is like a relationship, it takes work.
At the very least identify the top vips and contact them.
Does bribing work? Gifts?


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