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Political Branding: Obama Is A Mac, McCain A PC?

Today I’m airing a conversation I had about branding with David Brier from www.RisingAbovetheNoise.com. David has a book coming out entitled Defying Gravity and Rising Above the Noise.

So, since branding is near and dear to my heart, I had David on the show to give his take on the subject. We talked about our definitions of branding, as well as the current branding efforts of the US political Presidential candidates. We both agreed that Obama is the Mac and McCain is the PC. Your take? Interesting discussion.

We also talk about McCain’s choice of choosing Governor Palin as VP and how that relates to his branding goal for his campaign. Then we both talk about how Apple is the best branded company in the world. You’ll enjoy this podcast so please listen and leave your thoughts?

Here are the show notes:

What is your definition of branding?
Branding is the experience you have with it
Branding tips: have fun!
Identify your target audience to develop your branding message
What’s the difference between branding and marketing?
Political branding. Mccain is pitching McCain. Obama is pitching change.
Mac vs. PC analogy.
Choosing Palin was a marketing move that effects the overall brand.
Can you fake fun? Zune failed.
Apple is the best brand in the world.


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