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Semantic Marketing: More Conversions, More Sales

What is semantic marketing? Wow, this sounds soooooooooooo boring doesn’t it? Actually, it’s not. Semantic marketing is pretty simple actually. The best way to describe it is, it’s the ability to monitor and analyze website visitors and their behavior as they come to your site. Then, once they get there, and you know where they came from, and what they’re looking at, you can them give them the most appropriate information, which will give you higher conversions.

One promise of the Semantic Web is increasing the relevance of websites without visitor effort – visitors will get more of what they want and less of what they don’t when they arrive at a website. Ultimately, the entire Web is going to get more relevant for each of us. Today, Semanticator™ enables your website to deliver more meaningful interactions with the majority of visitors. When you increase the relevance of your website, more visitors will stay longer and go deeper into your content. This results in more visitors becoming prospects, and ultimately, more customers.

It’s not that complex actually. Listen to this podcast with John-Scott Dixon, President of Semanticator. Who could use this? Anyone trying to get more leads or sales online.

Here are the show notes:

Are there privacy concerns?
Can I use semantic marketing as a affiliate merchant?
How does your code work?
How do you drive traffic? Social marketing.
How we use Twitter to market. 1. Tweetscan. 2. Tweetlater (auto replies to followers). Follow people in my target market, they follow back.
We’ve closed lots of business on twitter.
Courtship marketing.


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