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Your Press Releases Suck. Fix Them Now!

STOP! Don’t send out that press release just yet! Are you sure it doesn’t suck? I’ve launched a new free service at YPS? is a service to help you pitch better. You send out press releases all the time that never work, right? You know why? Because you’re not a public relations professional, so you don’t know how to frame your story the best way.

Did you know that 98% of press releases are tossed in the trash can after being given less than 5 seconds of review? Companies waste $450m each year sending out press releases that end up in a gigantic black hole.

YPS? allows anyone to submit their pitch for free and get notes back on how it can be made better. Your pitch could be a press release, or a pitch to bloggers, or whatever.

Consider this the place you go BEFORE you submit to HARO, or Remember, it’s free, so pass it on please?

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