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Are You Ready To Be Successful? Then Start Listening…

Are you listening? I’m not sure you are. You either want to be successful, or you don’t. If you are, the first step is opening your ears and listening.

Here’s the thing. Messages (any kind) resonate with you if you’re ready to hear them. If you’re not, you think the message is worthless.

Ok, what do I mean? Well, let me try to explain. If I’m in the market for a car, I probably pay more attention to the car ads on television, right? If I’m not looking for a car at the moment, I completely ignore those messages, right?

The same is true for being successful and for motivational type of content out there today. Sure, everyone says they want to be successful, but until you are really ready to do it, or you’re ready to believe you can be, you’re going to discount positive messages about it and not listen.

Take my friend JB from JB is someone I recently met (on one of my panels at Blogworldexpo) and he provides coaching and a daily 15-minute podcast that is motivational and inspiring. It’s good stuff.

Yet, I can guarantee you that half of the people who listen to it the first time think it’s disingenuous and a waste of time. Why? Because they’re not ready for the message. They don’t want to “hear” it yet, so they discount it.

I’ve been talking a lot lately about success, and you have either been listening, or discounting it.

Which is it?

The main point I’m trying to make is… when you’re ready to be successful, you’ll start listening.

So figure it out. What is your choice? Are you going to open your ears and listen yet, or aren’t you ready yet?

Think about it.

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