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Follow Up: The A-List Is Still Dead

Don’t worry, the a-list is still dead. I don’t think the usual suspects are too happy about it though. Most did retreat quietly under the mantra of “a more intimate experience with my readers” by creating “private” newsletters. The rest, well, they just keep doing what they were doing.

The fact remains though, my original thoughts have held true months and months later. Here’s a rehash of my opinions on why the a-list died.

The a-list died because of social networking tools. It used to be that connecting with thousands of people could only be done if you had massive reach like an a-lister. However, with tools like Friendfeed and Twitter, anyone can reach out and “friend” up with anyone, causing millions of new connections of regular people.

The a-list died because the sharing of information became easier to do. In the past, the a-list was in charge of spreading the virus, but today is no longer needed, we can do it ourselves.

The a-list died because we used to have to rely on them to innovate and guide us to the new things. But we don’t need that anymore. We’ve reached a point where we have the knowledge and the tools to try things ourselves.

The a-list died because we’re tired of them and their incessant drama and posturing for attention. We all just decided enough was enough and called bullshit. It was bound to happen.

The a-list died because guys like Loren Feldman exposed them and made them just regular. You may or may not like Loren or his shtick, but there’s no denying he was a big part of satirizing them and bringing them crashing down to the ground.

I find some severe irony, however, that at the very same time the a-list died, Loren Feldman, they guy who helped unravel it, became it’s newest member just at the beginning of the end of it. Poor timing I guess.

So where are we now about 3 months later? It’s still dead, but I’m not sure that the old guarde is ready to let it go just yet.

Calacanis and Arrington are up to their old tricks.

Summary: Jason publishes blog post announcing layoffs at Mahalo. (I thought he wasn’t blogging anymore)?
Techcrunch (Arrington) blogs it.
Jason publishes “private” newsletter with more details.
Techcrunch publishes “private” newsletter.
Jason goes off on Techcrunch on Friendfeed. “Respect my copyright!”

One big problem. Nobody is buying it. Here’s a few comments from the Friendfeed thread.

Does controversy as linkbait *solve* anything? Then current MSM must have world peace in their pocket… – Robert Worstell

Smells like link bait for all involved. TC gets controversy and links. Mahalo layoffs become background noise to same controversy. Net result more links to Mahalo and TC. – Alex Nesbitt

Tinfoil hats aside. Be honest. 6 months ago this shit worked. We all ate it up. Ohhh, controversy!!! Then we (me included) wrote our own blog posts about it, and linked to both of them, and made it even worse… All the while Jason and Techcrunch pulled the strings on our puppet.

I feel bad for Feldman, having worked his way from being a nobody in this scene and doing videos with me back in Jan 2007 before hardly anyone knew him. Hey, he had to start somewhere… at the bottom with me way back when.

I do give Loren credit for climbing the ladder all the way to having his butt kissed by Silicon valley “tweeps”. I mean, the guy is a case study for how to rise quickly. I appreciated the marketing/branding of it and I was a big supporter of his work since the beginning. Nicely done.

That’s why I wasn’t offended (too much) when I met him for the first time at a party in Las Vegas this summer and he pretended not to know me and sluffed me off. “Who are you?” That’s the line you pull on real celebrities who have egos, not on people who are real fans and just wanted to say hi.

It’s cool. I know I’m not on the a-list. I mean, I’m not even as popular as Arrington’s or Jason’s dogs, both of which I’m sure he remembers the names of. But he did know my name once.

In fact, I should have known that I was on the Z-list. Loren said so.

Scoble meanwhile is just being Scoble, albeit, with much less pomp these days. The crowds just aren’t there anymore for him or the other usual suspects, and again, it’s not their fault, nor do I think some of them even care, or about me and this stupid blog post about this stupid topic.

The future? I don’t think that they can bring it back either. There’s not enough puppet show interest left in the world. I could be wrong. You tell me.

So there’s my update. Ding, Dong! “THAT” A-list is still dead.

Next up… the new a-list is rising. And in good time, I’ll tell you who they are. Hint: They don’t come from silicon valley and they don’t do puppet shows. Less entertaining… more, gasp… reality. Subscribe to my blog to be notified when I update.

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