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Four Ways To Make HARO Better

Let me preface this blog post by saying that I still love HARO ( and I think Peter Shankman is a smart guy. I’ve even used HARO from a pitching standpoint twice now with amazing results. It is a great idea and deserves a lot of credit.

By the way, Shankman’s book is awesome. Watch my video review of it here.

But lately, as a member who gets the email 3 times a day. I’m finding that it is harder and hard to read them. Here’s why I think.

1. 3 times a day is rough to commit to reading. I realize they’re short and everything, but think about it. 3 times a day times 30 days = 90 email a month.

2. Why must I get all the stuff? Why can’t I just get the stuff that interests me? For example, let’s say I want only the tech or blogging stuff, why can’t I just get that? Why do I have to sit through pitch requests about homeowners and tax stuff, etc…

3. Can I get a html version please? Maybe with a nice linked anchor index at the top so I could click on it and it could take me to the section I only want to read very quickly?

4. Enough requests asking for content for your blog. Everyone wants free content, and nobody wants to pay for it, I get it. But I don’t want to give you free content, and asking for free content is lame.

Just some small improvements that would make HARO much better in my opinion.

By the way, you know what the best part of HARO is? It’s the personally written ads that Peter writes at the top. A very smart way to do it. Learn from how Peter does it because it works… well.

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