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I’ve Worked VERY Hard On My Personal Brand…

Since 2001 when I started this blog. August 2001 to be exact. I’m proud to announce that today I’ve been recognized as one of six other professionals online as a ‘Personal Brand Award’ winner. Pretty cool. Here’s some copy from Dan’s blog on why I won.

Why he won: Jim is a personal branding evangelist, who demonstrates his passion for all things affiliate marketing, social media and internet marketing each and every day. He communicates his brand through both video and written entries and is a common face at industry events. Jim brand thrives off of sincerity, transparency and authenticity, which is why he is receiving a bronze personal brand award!

Blush. Wow, and thanks to Personal Branding Magazine and Dan Schawbel.

By the way, you should check out the magazine, which is a pdf. I am a paying subscriber and it’s really, really good. Here’s a free sample to check out.

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