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Negativity Kills Success, Don’t Let It

I previously talked about listening. That’s step one in the process of learning how to be successful. But there’s so much more. Another huge part of the process is eliminating the negative.

Specifically, the negative people in your lives. I’ve done a video on this topic if you want to watch I’ve included it below. Here’s the deal…

Negative people will kill your dreams. Avoid them. Remove them from your speed dial. Find ways to remove them from your life, completely. You don’t have to hate them, or be mean to them, but in my opinion, you can eliminate them from your circle and be better for it.

What good does a negative person bring you? Seriously think about this. Evaluate the people around you. Is there always that one person or group of people who complain all the time? What about those people who constantly say you can’t do something, or an idea is stupid?

Guess what? Those people do not want to be successful. They’d rather think the world is against them and they can never achieve success.

Do you really think the same as that negative person?

No, you don’t, so palling around with those people isn’t a good idea. Make a choice, right now. Eliminate those people from your life if you can. You’ll be better off down the road.

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