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One Win Is Sometimes All It Takes

Sometimes all you need is a win. Any kind of win. Small, or big. A win is exactly the type of thing that can change your attitude. It can set a new tone. But mostly…

A win gives you a taste of success. And once you taste it, you’re never going to want to lose again.

So if you’re trying to start your own business, or blog, or lemonade stand, just go for that first little win. Get that first sale. Write that great blog entry that gets people to notice you. Sell that first ad on your site. Whatever.

It’s easy. Grab the low hanging fruit. In other words, take a small victory just so you can taste it.

If you do… Here’s what will happen. Your attitude will change. You’ll know what it’s like to win and it will change your work ethic and your long-term success. It will help you realize that you can do what you thought you can do.

And once you realize that, it’s off to the races and your success in the first place spot.

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