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Success Means Working Through The Pain

I threw my back out last night somehow. I wasn’t trying to. It just happened. The problem is… I have a lot of work to do and sitting at my desk and even typing this well, hurts badly. I’m in a lot of pain.

It’s a great reminder to me, however, that the show must go on. I cannot afford to lay myself up for two days icing my back. Therefore… I must work through the pain. This is business and I’ve got stuff to do!

Look, it’s not always going to be easy, but as I said earlier, the show must go on. Back pain, or emotional pain, or distractions, they all don’t matter. You have a job to do and darn it, it’s going to get done. The strong and most successful don’t stop. They press on. They accomplish their goals in times of distress.

I’m going to put in a full day today because I know I have to, back pain or not. I can rest tonight.

Sure, it sucks, but I’m running a business. Just another sacrifice that I have to make.

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