Are You A Loser Or A Failure? | Unskippable - Marketing Keynote Speaker - Jim Kukral

Are You A Loser Or A Failure?

What’s the difference between being a failure or being a loser? It’s pretty simple. People who fail learn from it and try again.

And Losers quit.

Which are you? Decide now. I’m here to smack you in the face hard. Ready?

  • So the last project you had didn’t work that great? The loser gave up. The failure tried again.
  • You made a mistake at your job or with your spouse and you’re being punished for it? The loser figures there’s nothing she can do. The failure learns from it and fixes it.
  • Look, if you’re going to run your own business and be an entrepreneur, you’re going to have to understand these differences. Being a failure is not the same as being a loser.

    Show me one successful person who didn’t fail 1,000 times before they succeeded big. (Ok, a tiny few somehow manage to get lucky and do this, but you get my point).

    Ok, now get to work. Or are you a loser? You tell me.

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