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Book Your Affiliate Summit Trip Now, Here’s Why

I hold the following statement below to be one of the most accurate statements I’ve ever made.

The Affiliate Summit is by far the best conference in the industry today, by far.

Disclaimer: Yeah, I’m the emcee, and yeah, I’m friends with the owners. And yeah, I’ve got $100 off exclusive coupons for attendees. (Get that here).

That doesn’t matter. It’s the best show because it’s not just about affiliate marketing. I almost wish they would change the title, because honestly, and I’ve been saying this for years, people who do affiliate marketing do ALL internet marketing.

So the Affiliate Summit is really a conference that covers everything. Not just search, not just email, not just landing pages, not just pay-per-click…


Do yourself a favor and come join me and over 3,000 other people at the Rio in Vegas this January. I just booked my flight today. Wow, the prices on flights have come down.

Note: If you’re worried about extra costs like hotel and food and all that. Honestly, I don’t think any other conference has you covered better than Shawn & Missy do.

You get a really nice lunch every day. You get tons of drink tickets. (I don’t remember having to buy a drink at the past 5 shows.) The parties at night all have food usually. Your expenses are really your hotel and flight and gambling if you want to.

Here’s an offer for you. If this is your first time, and you use my link to register, and if you go and you tell me after you didn’t learn anything, I’ll feature your website or blog on for a month after.

See you there.

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