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How I Increased Email Signups By 300%

I’ve been using Aweber as my email capture and delivery software for a few years now. It’s a no brainer. All the big guns use it because of the price and features. Anyway…

My friend Andy Sernovitz (Author of Word of Mouth Marketing book) and I did a podcast a while back and I had mentioned to him how I used Aweber, and a trick I learned from him about word of mouth to increase my email signup subscriptions by over 300%. Andy wrote a post about it here.

Jim Kukral makes a crazy offer when you sign up for the email newsletter on his blog, the Daily Flip: On your birthday, he’ll send you a video of him singing happy birthday to you.

Simple, silly, fun, and effective. Subscribe rates up 300% and with 95% of the people who do sign up giving their birth date. Why does it work? Because most sites are boring, everyone loves personal attention, and Jim solves both problems with one great idea.

Andy gets full credit for the inspiration. I’ll take an assist for the implementation on my behalf. :) So, go sign up!

By the way, the Aweber hover box is a huge part of those signups. Those things work.

Honestly, you must read Andy’s book. My video review below.

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