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Is It Ok To Tell Your Customer To F#%* Off?

The GM of the Cleveland Browns, yes, my Cleveland Browns (pity me) sent an email back to an irate fan the other day telling the fan to “Go root for Buffalo then. F#%* off”. Now admittedly, the fan did say he was emailing the GM and badgering him for months.

But I don’t care how you spin it. This is, at its root, telling a customer off. The GM runs the team, and the fan=paying customer.

Not good.

So there’s the question then. Is it ever ok to do this? Even in certain circumstances? If so, what are they then?

Let’s forget the Browns GM story and talk about your business. I’m sure you’ve “fired” some clients for being pains in the butt. But have you ever told a client to go blank themselves?

I haven’t, and I don’t think I ever would unless they were trying to cheat me. And if that was the case they’d get called plenty of names. :)

I don’t think that there’s anything to be positively gained by swearing at a customer, or treating a customer in any kind of way that is poor. And if they’re nothing to be gained except emotional exuberance, well… look, you’re running a business, get over it.

Let me repeat that again…

You’re running a business. You’re a professional. Act like it.

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