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The Worst Thing You Can Do Is Annoy Your Customers

Are you annoying your customers with little things? Maybe you have some process in place that requires your customer to do extra work that is unneeded? Why? Because it’s more convenient to you and that’s just how you do business?

That’s the wrong attitude. You should never annoy your customers. Never. Here’s an example.

The other night I was at a Linkedin event at a local brewery. The good news I found out was that all pints of beer for the event were only $2.00. Which is a great deal because they’re usually $4.00. But when I went to pay the waitress, she said it was actually $2.16.

“Why $2.16,” I asked.

“Taxes, I know, it’s a big pain in the butt,” she said.

Ok, I have no problem paying the taxes. But $0.16 cents is annoying, very. Who wants to get a big gob of change back to hold in their pocket every time they order something? That’s fine at the gas station when I get some gum, but if I’m at an event and I’m socializing… do I really want to be annoyed trying to find 16 cents in my pocket?

The next day I was talking about this with my friend who was at the event with me. No, we weren’t talking about how good the beer was, or the place we were at, or the food we ate. We talked about how annoyed we were with the 16 cents. Heck, the could have charged me $3.00 for the beer and I wouldn’t have cared. I for sure wouldn’t have been annoyed.

What’s worse?

So a question for you, again. Do you annoy your customers? When they have an experience with you, is the last thing you want them to remember about you that annoying thing you do that bothers them?

It’s not about you. It’s about them. Fix it. Nobody wants to do business with someone who annoys them.

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