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What’s In A Name? Sometimes Everything

I was just reading the latest print edition of Entrepreneur magazine when I noticed that my project YourPitchSucks.com was listed as a resource in an article about free stuff online. Yep, listed right there next to little sites like Craigslist and Linkedin.

So to date, this tiny little project I put together earlier this year on a whim has now been mentioned in places like:

  • Entrepreneur
  • Forbes
  • INC magazine
  • the Wall Street Journal
  • Brandweek
  • and featured in smaller local magazines and newspapers around the country
  • Including a full front-page business feature in a NE Ohio newspaper

Obviously, my pitch doesn’t suck, eh?

I have to admit that the name is the trigger. Sure, the idea is solid, but as I said in a magazine article last month, “Do you think I’d be getting this much press if the name of it was YourPitchIsNotGood.com?”

Answer… no.

Remember, part of getting attention is making people take a longer look (this is what my book is about). What you name things IS important.

Here’s a simple strategy for picking attention-getting names, over at the BlendthisBook blog.

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