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You’re Going To Spend A Lot Of Money On Social Media Strategy In 2009

Well, that’s what they are all saying at least. See below for some stats and trends on social media in 2009.

But let’s do our own study. So I ask you, the small business owner. Are you going to spend a lot of money to learn how to do social media in 2009? If not, why?

I know I get calls daily from businesses that need to figure it out. Which is why I offer coaching and training on how to do it.

Marketers are directing their 2009 budgets toward content, custom media and social media initiatives, according to a new study from online marketing resource and vendor-matching tool Junta42. More than half–56%–of marketing and publishing decision-makers plan to increase their content marketing spending next year, Junta42 found after surveying its community of corporate marketers and publishing/agency professionals. What’s more, a full 31% expressed their intention to increase spending on content significantly, while 25% said they planned to increase it slightly.

Here are some trends from some top “gurus”.

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