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Affiliate Summit West 09 Wrapup – Gary Vaynerchuck Keynote

Another Affiliate Summit event has come and gone. I’m writing this post as I sit in the Vegas airport on delay back to Cleveland where it’s 6 degrees. I hate the cold but there’s no reason to stay in Vegas now that all of my friends are gone and the show is over.

So as I mentioned, the show is over, and what a great show it was. Shawn and Missy hit once again with a well-run, fun and informative show. Over 3200+ showed up in a poor economy… what does that tell you about this show?

As usual, this is my fourth time, I was the emcee for the show which meant I got to introduce the keynote speaker who was Gary Vaynerchuk of I’ve pasted the video recording of his keynote below. I highly recommend you watch it and get motivated to be successful!

Now it’s time to get home and get some things done. I always come back with a pocketful of ideas that turn into profitable businesses for me down the road. And that’s a really, really, good thing, no?

If we met in Vegas, it was great hanging out. If not, why didn’t come find me???? :)

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