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I’m A Football Fanatic! Do You Create Fans?

I am. That’s why it’s sad for me this time of year when the Superbowl is about to happen. That means football is over! Stinks. Plus, my Cleveland Browns never play into the postseason. I’m not much of a hockey, baseball or basketball fan either. Although, I will watch King Lebron and my Cavs hopefully roll to a championship, no jinx!

Earlier this month I was in Las Vegas emceeing the Affiliate Summit event and I was lucky enough to get invited to a poker tournament by Jason from a company called Football Fanatics. Here’s a pic of me at the poker table. And below that, a video of me after I got crushed at the table.

The reason for this post is to talk about being a fan. Jason and Football Fanatics made me a fan by inviting me to join their poker tournament and by having great products. Do you create fans for your product/service/brand? You should be.

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