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Presentation: I’m A HUGE Failure, Are You?

Are you a HUGE failure? Or are you a loser? Maybe you’re a quitter? Maybe you’re all of the above? Or maybe, just maybe… you’re really successful, but you think you’re a failure?

The truth is, anyone can be successful if they understand that we all fail, and then realize the reasons why success comes to some people.

The presentation below is one I gave at Las Vegas Wordcamp in early 2009. It covers topics such as success and failure, and is designed to motivate, educate and inspire you to being more successful in life and business ventures. I hope you enjoy it. Please share your feedback in the comments.

Special thanks go to @micah for recording it with his Flip HD camera.

Learn Why You Fail, So You Can Succeed! from jim kukral on Vimeo.

Jim Kukral presents “Why You Fail?” at Las Vegas Wordcamp. This presentation will help you understand why you fail… so you can understand how you can succeed.

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