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Rackspace Hears My Twitter Whining

Well, I’m not sure how much they “get it”, but I know they use it and monitor it. Case in point…

Last week I was informed via phone that I had just passed my fifth year of hosting with Rackspace. It’s obvious I love the company and their services because why else would I pay so much for it if I didn’t? FYI, if you want to find out about getting a server at Rackspace either go here and fill out my form or contact me and I’ll give you my personal rep’s information.

So back to the point. After I got notified and personally thanked from my account manager. I went on Twitter and started whining about how I should have gotten more from them than a phone call and thank you.

About an hour later I get a call from someone at Rackspace who saw my Twitter and was apologetic and wanted to thank me even more. After that call, someone else called me and thanked me again.

Then a few days later, I received a package in the mail from the team at Rackspace. It was some boxes of microwave popcorn and some Jones Soda and a t-shirt. But a few days later I got a really nice surprise when a package arrived that was a really nice Rackspace backpack.

All from whining about how I didn’t get anything on Twitter…. :)

So, I have to give it to the social media team at Rackspace, they are listening. And then they’re taking action too. Nice work, and thanks for the stuff.

Although, it appears someone has their Twitter username and is squatting on it?

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