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Snuggies & Howard Stern: Which One Is Selling & Why?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the psychology of the typical American citizen in this poor economy and trying times. Why? Because I’m a marketing and sales person and it’s my job to understand why people buy things. Plus, it fascinates me.

Why “Shock Jocks” Aren’t Selling Anymore…
You remember Howard Stern right? He quickly became irrelevant when he moved to Sirius satellite radio. Out of sight, out of mind, right? It makes sense. Less listeners = less relevance to the mainstream of which read newspapers, watch television, etc…

But if Howard were to come back today on “free” radio or podcasts… would he be as popular? I argue the answer to that is no. The days of the “shock jock” are gone. For one, there’s too much noise out there in smaller silo’s for him to compete in. And two, it’s clear to me that American’s (all I can speak for) have moved beyond “being shocked” and entered into a different state of media awareness. In other words… I think the Internet made us smart enough to know that shock jocks (or similar types of people) are boring anymore.

When I said The A-list was dead, I believe that applied to people like Howard Stern too.

Look at what Gary Vaynerchuk did to Howard Stern. Gary is dead-on right. Howard Stern is frightened to death about the state of things nowadays. We don’t need him anymore. Watch video below.

Why Snuggies Are Selling?…
You’ve seen the Snuggie right? It’s that half blanker/half backwards robe you put on and lay on your couch in? It’s becoming a huge seller and spurring many creative spoofs and marketing/community campaigns.

But why is it selling? Why are American’s dishing out $19.95 for this product?

I think of a Snuggie as a cocoon. A kind of warm, safe, item that gives me comfort. I can put it on and sit on my couch and watch television and forget about the problems of the world. In today’s economic crisis, that makes sense, no?

What’s the Point Jim?
The point of all this is to understand why people buy, and why they don’t. And more importantly, for you to understand how to position your product/service into the current times as the emotional level of buyers changes over time.

That’s really what selling is all about. Emotion. That’s why we buy at the core level. That’s what excellent marketing invokes in you to make a purchase.

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