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10,000 Twitter Followers. Now What?

Well, here I am, with supposedly 10k Twitter followers. Yay me.


Here’s what I think. “Big deal”.

What does it really mean? If anything at all?

I Didn’t Try Either
It’s not that I even tried to get them either. The thing is, aside from doing an auto-follow that Twitter themselves turned on for me over a year ago, I don’t even try to get followers. I mean, I have no plan or do no special things to try and get them.

I simply use Twitter as I feel like it. I retweet stuff I find interesting or problem solving or fun. I post tweets about my personal stuff and my business stuff and I’m blatantly promotional sometimes for my stuff. I often have personal conversations with others too. In fact, some, if not many, would consider me a bad follow.

So why do I have 10k followers? Once again, I’m at a Twitter crossroads. Maybe you can help.

Now what? Go for 20k followers? 50k?

What’s the point? It seems to me it’s purely a narcissistic mentality to pursue bigger numbers?

Perhaps I should start a nofollow me campaign like the Burger King “unfriend” me thing on Facebook.

Yeah, that’s it. Do NOT follow me.

Or maybe I should try to be such a bad Tweeter that people will have no choice but to unfollow me.

I wonder how fast I could take my 10k down to 1k?

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