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Affiliate Marketing Secrets Revealed

Over at my coaching site, ($1.00 Trial), I’m constantly interviewing the movers and shakers and experts in the online marketing world. Here’s another interview you will enjoy. Please leave a comment.

Did you know that Affiliate Marketing is billion dollar business? Yep, it’s a big deal. And probably one of the most unknown business models out there too. I’ve been doing affiliate marketing since 2000 and I can tell you that it has made me a significant amount of my revenue every year since then.

Why? Because it works. If you want to learn about the affiliate marketing business, you’re going to want to learn from the master himself, Shawn Collins, the man who literally wrote the book on Affiliate Marketing, and who co-owns the largest trade show in the space called the Affiliate Summit. (Get $100 off the show by going here)

Listen to the podcast with Shawn here.

Talking about how to be successful with affiliate marketing with Shawn Collins, owner of the Affiliate Summit conference.

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