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Great Copywriting = More Sales

Writing copy is an art from. Wait, let me rephrase that. Writing powerful copy that sells is an art form.


I can write well enough, sure, but even as much as I write and have written over 10+ years online, I still have to rely on professional copywriters for my sales copy. Why? Because they’re just better at it than I am!

This article from gives you a nice step in the right direction to becoming a better writer by showing you how to outline your messages into what they call a “copywriting outline”.

The purpose of the copywriting outline is to put all your thoughts about your product in one place. I created the copywriting outline to help small- and medium-size business owners and beginner copywriters complete the necessary background work before copy writing can begin in a methodical, linear way. The copywriting outline provides a single tool where you record all the details about your product or service that you will need to produce compelling copy again and again. It’s also an evolving instrument that you add to as your product or business changes and grows.

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