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Listening Is The Key To Being A Great Video Producer

I’ve done quite a bit of video producing (Web video) over the last few years. Let me define “producing” as I see it.

A Web video producer is the person who plans out the content to be shot. That means (in my experience) coming up with ideas for the video, writing the scripts/questions (even on the fly) if necessary and most importantly, making sure the talent (which is anyone who’s on camera) is put at ease and understands how it’s all going to work.

A lot of video production I have done is the interview type video. This is where the talent is on camera, and the producer is off camera and asking questions.

It doesn’t matter if you’re interviewing President Obama, or your mechanic, you have to be able to draw content/words/emotion/passion/insight out of a person.

And the only real way to do that is to be a great listener. Because if you can ask them a question they can answer, then you can let them answer while you look them in the eye and listen… they’ll feel more at ease, and you’ll get great answers.

Check out some of the videos of interviews I’ve done in this post. I never pre-write questions because I like to think of them on the fly and it keeps the interview very conversational.

Just remember to keep them at ease, look them in the eye, smile… and really listen to them.