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Search Engine Optimization Tips, Tricks & Secrets

Over at my coaching site, ($1.00 Trial), I’m constantly interviewing the movers and shakers and experts in the online marketing world. Here’s another interview you will enjoy. Please leave a comment.

If you’re going to talk about the secrets of successful search engine optimization (seo), then you’re going to want to talk with the leading expert in the industry, and that is Wil Reynolds, CEO of Seer Interactive.

This podcast interview with Wil will give you the insider knowledge of how the SEO business works, and will put you on a path to getting your website listed higher on Google, which will bring you more leads, sales and publicity.

Listen to the podcast with Wil here.

Enjoy this podcast with Wil Reynolds, who owns Seer Interactive, a search engine marketing firm. Wil gives out his tips and tricks for doing good SEO, as well as some advice for small businesses who need to choose a SEO firm.

About Wil

Over the past nine years, Wil Reynolds has dedicated himself to doing two things well: driving traffic to sites from search engines and analyzing the impact that traffic has on the bottom line of companies. Wil’s career began at a web marketing agency in 1999, where he spearheaded the SEO strategies for companies that included Barnes & Noble, Disney, Harman Kardon, Debeers, Doubleclick, Hotjobs, and Mercedes Benz USA (to name a few). Although the internet bubble burst, Wil’s passion for web marketing has always been strong. Wil founded SEER Interactive, a Philadelphia-based SEO firm in 2002.

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